Create a Metamask Wallet

A Metamask wallet will allow you to connect to the Soakverse App, hold your NFT, easily switch your network and more !

1. Go to

2. Click "Download"

3. Click "Install MetaMask for Chrome" or the browser you use.

4. Add extension Metamask to chrome

5. Following the opening of Metamask, click on start

6. Click on I agree

7. Click create a new wallet

8. Choose a password and keep it in your password book.

9. If it's your first time with Metamask, you can watch the explanatory video.

10. Copy your recovery passphrase somewhere safe. If you lose your phrase you will not be able to recover your Metamask.

11. Confirm your sentence by placing the words in the correct order.

12. Congratulations, your Metamask wallet is created and ready to use.

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