Adventures have a Daily Cycle: Expedition, Quests, and Dungeons reset at midnight UTC

Discover the Thrill of Soakverse Quests!

Quests in Soakverse are a way to progress your team and gain experience points. You'll need a scroll to begin a Quest and the outcome will depend on your team's power. There's always a risk of failure, but the rewards make it worth it. (And it's not like you'll die. On a Quest.)

Rise to the challenge and see if you're up to the test!

Particularities of Soakverse Quests

Quest ParticularityDescription


1-5 Quests available

Scroll Needed

Yes, a scroll is required

Team Power

Depends on the power of your team

Risk of Failure

There is a risk of failure in the quest


Rewards for completing the quest include XP and items

Note: The XP reward and team power required for each quest will depend on the specific quest and difficulty. The failure risk is also present as it is a part of the adventure in Soakverse.

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