🛕The Sacred Temple

Step into the Sacred Temple and wash yourself in its empowering atmosphere.

The Sacred Temple has an unearthly pull to Resiztance Champion. Something about it summons you, and others like you, from around the world.

The Temple is more than a simple structure, more than a building, more than the edifice you see before you. It is this sacred space in the Universe to which the Ancient Ones converged, found the waters, planted the seeds, and started to weave the foundations of what will be our only hope.

When you enter, you discover a space greater than imagined, greater than can possibly exist when you look from outside.

Inside the Sacred Temple are many many secrets. The walls covered in intricate carvings, faded frescos, and more, of Angels and Demons locked in combat.

And a fine network of plant life, roots, branches, leaves, that wrap around surfaces, through doorways, amongst the carvings, and into the well.

This Sacred Temple feels alive with powers ancient and primal, and intoxicating.

Here you will meditate. Here you will come to listen. Here you will find the Wizhing Well, the Sacred Grove, and more...

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