🪙Tokenomics & Revenue Streams

Soakverse Ecosystem Reward Sources

All revenue streams unless otherwise stated have the following standardized automatic distributions on chain.

Distribution Percentages

Diligently crafted fund allocations.

5% to SKMT Liquidity

8% Soakverse NFT’s & P2E reward pools

2% Wizh Stone Jackpot pool

65% OG Managed Treasury

10% SKMT Staking pool

8% Contributors Pool

2% Charity

Soakverse Ecosystem Revenue Sources

Reduced Risk, Increased Stability, Flexibility, More Opportunity for Growth.

100% of the revenues generated are automatically re-injected through our ecosystem distribution smart contract & automated using Chainlink Automation.

  • 100% of $SKMT trading taxes

  • 100% of $SKMT Swapper Fees on Dapp

  • 100% of Cross Chain Swapper Fees on Dapp

  • 100% of Arbitrage Bot Profits

  • 100% of Advertising revenues (Dapp ad placements & others)

  • 100% of Affilium Network Inc affiliate marketing referral income

  • 100% of Profits from Soakverse Merchandise sales through Shopify store

  • 100% of Revenues generated through Soakmont Marketing Partnership

On top of that, 30% of Soakverse Labs LLC revenues linked with Soakverse Ecosystem are directed to the Soakverse Ecosystem distribution smart contract.

More to be announced throughout 2023.

Soakverse Labs, LLC is a multi faceted Wyoming based company with diversified revenue streams from multiple verticals listed below.

Disclaimer: Select revenues may be excluded from being sent to the Soakverse distribution contract to avoid legal headaches of products having "security-like" features. As a general rule of thumb; only revenues that can be automated will be sent to the contract as these don't require continual effort by the team to produce.

Agreements made with the Soakverse OGs DAO and Soakverse Labs LLC may vary.

Soakverse Labs LLC Revenue Sources

Internal NFT collections all have 10% creator royalty fees.(3% of the 10% royalties goes to Soakverse Ecosystem distribution smart contract)

  • Soakverse OGs (launched)

  • Eggz by Soakverse (launched)

  • Wizh by Soakverse (launched)

  • Treez by Soakverse (planned for Q1)

  • Resiztance by Soakverse (paid mint planned for Q1-Q2)

Partner and Client NFT Collection royalties (% of royalty may vary for project)

  • External collections launched by Soakverse white label solution (continually will launch new collections throughout the years)

Web3/Software Products & Consultant Fees referred & executed by the Soakverse Ecosystem

  • Hourly and contract consultant fees

  • Contract for hire products, or selling existing products

  • Royalties from Developed Solutions (% of royalty may vary for solution)

P2E Revenues

  • fees from on-chain sales (ETH, BSC, and SKMT)

  • purchases of game items off Dapp (Crypto and Credit Card sales)

Soakverse Labs Private Investment Fund

  • Professionally managed account utilising registered Investment Advisor

  • TD Ameritrade or Altruist custodian

  • Private Equity Investments through Soakmont offerings

Disclaimer: None of the NFT & Tokens developed by Soakverse are investment opportunities and nothing guarantees that buying those will be profitable. All we can state is that active community members will get rewarded. The only way to surely earn is to take action in the ecosystem. There will be no passive income and constant revenues distribution will be made only to active members that are contributing constantly to Soakverse.

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