Soakverse OGs (Genesis)

The Soakverse OGs are our Genesis mint.

What are OGs ?

Reportedly the wisest of beings in the Universe. Though their origins and purpose are shrouded in mystery their generosity and kindness have won the respect and admiration of all beings that know them.

OGs are part of our core community and receive the most value overall throughout the Soakverse Ecosystem.

The OGs will have their own Wyoming DAO LLC formed. OGs are the leaders of the Soakverse ecosystem. They have traveled far to guide us and mentor. In this decentralized Soakverse, they will use their wisdom to show us the best path forward and lead.

The Soakverse ecosystem has vast and diversified revenue sources. The OGs can regularly allocate a portion of their pool to use for contribution distribution (active OGs only, and votes are required).

Voting for the OGs will be conducted on the Soakverse Dapp.

Unbeatable Utilities

The list of utilities the OGs will have could go on forever. Being the most exclusive group also comes with a lot of exclusive perks! Some utilities are what follows:

  • Voting on usage of the treasury and other decisions

  • Access to active contributors compensations

  • Part of the loyalty program

  • Included in the Rewards Tokenomics

  • Gets early access to everything

  • Access to internal & partners' freemints & premium whitelists

  • These are the mentors inside Soakverse, giving buffs/boosts to their mentee in the P2E

  • Luck multiplier and extra entries in the giveaways

  • Large discounts on partnered ecommerce shops

  • Early access to ecosystem features

  • Private discord section

  • Discounts in the P2E

  • Early access & potential discounts to private equity crowdfunding opportunities through the partnership with Soakmont Group

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