💡The Solution

Soakverse is an active and engaged community that partners with other projects and businesses to drive engagement & referrals in exchange for a commission, marketing or contract agreement.

The goal of that concept is to move far away from the Ponzinomics structure seen across early Web3, and to instead drive real world value to the ecosystem to sustain its growth, while also staying away from being an investment contract (I.E. Securities).

Everybody that participates in the ecosystem needs to stay active to be rewarded. There is no free passive income. As community engagement & action generates revenues, they are automatically redistributed into the ecosystem using a distribution smart contract. The percentage of distributions, the usage of the funds and many other aspects are then managed by the Soakverse OGs

Funds are distributed in different smart contracts to be automatically used or stored:

  • (65%) A large percentage of income flows to the OG Managed Treasury for actively leading, taking decisions through voting, and staying actively engaged through the different wings of the ecosystem. Usage of this treasury is managed by the Soakverse OGs through a process of voting using the Soakverse Dapp.

The OGs can regularly allocate a portion of their pool to use for income (active OGs only, and votes are required).

The OGs will have their own Wyoming DAO LLC formed. OGs are the leaders of the ecosystem. They have traveled far to guide us and mentor. In this decentralized Soakverse, they will use their wisdom to show us the best path forward and lead.

  • (8%) Rewards to contributors for taking care of the community, creating content, creating tutorials, creating technologies, bringing new partners and more.

  • (5%) Added $SKMT liquidity for long term sustainability of the token and security of the market for merchants support. This also supports price stability and reduces the risk of principal loss for holders and stakers.

  • (8%) Soakverse NFTs & P2E reward pools. This reward pool is larger than some others. This is a key source of funding for the weekly and monthly giveaways, Wizh stones, Treez resources, and other P2E game reward functions.

  • (2%) Used to continually fund the Wizh Stone Jackpot pool.

  • (10%) Directed to $SKMT Stakers Pool

  • (2%) Charity Fund that is managed by the OGs and used only when voted on.

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