Mix and Sip into the World of Soakverse: The Art of Potion Use

In Soakverse, potions play a vital role in enhancing your journey. These magical elixirs are not only delicious but also offer various benefits to those who consume them. From restoring health to granting temporary powers, the possibilities are endless.

So, whether you're in for a quick pick-me-up or looking to level up your skills, Soakverse potions are the way to go. Just remember, these potent brews are not to be mixed unless you're feeling daring!

Drink up, Adventurer! Your next great Soakverse experience awaits!

Description of the potion size

Potion SizePotion Points

Small XP Potion


Medium XP Potion


Large XP Potion


Extra Large XP Potion


Description of the potion type

Type of PotionDescriptionVisual

XP Potion

XP refers to the experience of the character in respect to their level. The XP potions add experience to the player.


Stamina refers to the energy and magic of a character, usually beginning around 100 total stamina points. The amount of magic within characters varies greatly. These potions restore stamina.


Rejuvenation refers to the total life force of a character, both health, energy, and magic. These potions restore both health and stamina equally at the same time. These are more valuable because of that.

HP Potion

HP refers to the health of a character, usually beginning around 50 total health points. These potions restore health of the character.

Unidentified Potion

The effects of this potion are unknown.

Ability Potion

While in use for thousands of years, not all benefits of these potions are known. That said, characters do use them for special attacks.

Orange Potion (spell potion)

Required for spells from characters that have magic ability. Spells of all kinds require different amounts.

Light Blue Potion (antidote potion)

Removes poison from a character if an opponent used a poison attack.

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