Eggz by Soakverse

Join the Eggz-citing Adventure with Soakverse's Eggz Companions!

What (or who?) are the Eggz Companions ?

Like the OGs, their origins and purpose are shrouded in mystery, and their exact powers and temperament are unknown... But we do know that Resiztance Trainers are learning and growing alongside them! Through good times and hard times your relationship with your Eggz Companions will continue to growing deeper, and become more rewarding.

Eggz by Soakverse are the entry point into the Soakverse ecosystem. A free mint that happened in October 2022, the collection of 5000 NFTs minted out in 8 minutes. Soakverse OGs had a protected entry.

Eggz Utilities

Eggz is a digital utilities packed NFT. Endless fun and perks through Soakverse ecosystem!

  • Automatic entries to Eggish Weekly Giveaways & Diamond Hand Monthly Giveaways where many prizes are drawn:

    • OGs & Eggz NFT

    • P2E items of all tiers (Legendary, rare, normal, common)

    • Blue chip NFTs

    • Real world prizes with partnered affiliate network & redeemable NFTs

    • Other prizes

  • Access to exclusive ecommerce deals through partnership with Affilium Network

  • Access to Soakverse's & Partners' free mints, whitelists, & whitelists raffles

  • Access to Soakverse's private network

  • Rebates through Soakmont's network of hotels and resorts

  • Soakverse Loyalty program with multiple perks, including discounted entry price for shares in - Soakmont's Private Equity Crowdfunding Platform

  • You need Eggz to participate and thrive in the P2E

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