Wizh Stones by Soakverse

Join the mystical world of Wizh Stones and uncover their mysterious power.


The Wizh Stones are divided into 2 categories: The Season Stones & The Celestials Stones. Both are empowered by ancient runes, giving the stones different powers.

The Wizh Stones are activated by the energies of the world, granting wizhes to their owner when empowered.

Those wizhes are uncommon: You will only receive a greater gift if the moment, the energy and your wisdom are aligned.

Wizh Stone's Utilities:

  • Empowered Wizh Stones accumulate Wisdom

  • Wizh Stones are automatically entered into certain of Soakverse's Giveaways for digital & real world gifts

  • Empowered Wizh Stones give multiple boosts to your team in the P2E during Quests, PVM, PVP & Tournaments (where you can win large prizes)

  • Empowered Wizh Stones are used to ask a Wizh in the Wizhing Well in the Sacred Temple. Depending on the type, & tier, of the stone the following is a non-exhaustive list of wishes someone could be randomly granted:

    • Crypto Prizes

    • A Mythic, Legendary, Rare or Common Game NFT (Consumable, Wearables & Other items)

    • Blue Chip NFTs & Other NFTs

    • P2E Lootboxes

    • NFT Gift cards usable on Soakverseโ€™s Network of E-Commerce Partners

    • Redeemable NFTs for free nights in Soakmont (Crowd-Funded & Owned) Hotels & Estates

    • Redeemable NFTs for traveling perks through Soakverseโ€™s Network of partnered travel agencies (Coming Soon)

    • Redeemable NFTs for online courses

    • Premium Whitelists to projects

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