Welcome to Soakverse, where the Resiztance is growing!!
Do you have the courage, wisdom, and drive to protect the world from the Dark Forces assembling? Are you prepared to resizt the powers that threaten to enslave all magic, soul, and spirit? If you're ready to answer this call, enter The Village, where you’ll find the start of the answers you seek. And know that you aren’t alone.
The way has been prepared, from times immemorial, by the Ancient Ones: The Soakverse OGs.
Their interactions across the eons exist in the whispered stories passed through the generations, through texts and carvings that have inspired and guided all of us to this moment. To this place.
Are you ready to bond with magical creatures, befriend nature and the seasons, and harness the rising technology for good?
Join the Resiztance on this journey of danger, adventure, and magic, as we stop at nothing to protect the world and secure the future!
The time to fight back is NOW!