👩‍🔬The Pasture Mechanics

Tending to your Eggz Companions is a crucial part of exploring the world of Soakverse.

The Pasture is where you can let your extra unequipped Eggz Companions roam (where they slowly train daily).

Being in The Pasture gives a natural XP gain of 10 XP per day, per Eggz. This can be improved in a number of ways.

Want to give your furry, or feathred, or just funky, friends a boost? Introducing the power of Wizh Stones! These mystical stones can enhance your Eggz Companions abilities, making them even more formidable companions as you embark on new adventures.

With a variety of stones to choose from, including Mythic, Demonic, Angelic, and Seasonal Stones, you'll have the perfect tool for any situation. Go ahead and give your Eggz Companions the boost they deserve, and let the fun of Soakverse unfold before you!

When you Attach Wizh Stone to an Eggz in the Pasture

Soakverse OGs & The Pasture

The Boost affects the entire Pasture! Level boosts are non-cumulative. The highest OG takes effect.

The OGs mentee program also affects the Pasture performance. If you have an OG mentor, you will receive the following bonus:

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