🏘️The Village

Enter The Village and kick off your adventure! Or swing back to recharge...

The Village is a place where peace and wonder reside: where Resiztance Trainers and Champions come to rest, recharge, and connect with one another. The Village is the beating heart of Soakverse, a hub of activity and excitement where you'll find everything you need to start and continue your adventure.

From the bustling Shop where you buy and sell items, to the quiet parks where you can take a moment to rest and reflect, The Village has something for everyone. It's here you'll be able to first train your Eggz Companions and hone your skills, and where you will also join in the lively conversations and tales shared among Resiztance Trainers.

Oh yes! The Village is also home to a wealth of secrets and legends just waiting to be discovered. From hidden sub-locations to mysterious buildings, there's plenty of new and exciting things ready to be found waiting around the corner. Whether you're a seasoned Soakverse Player or just starting out, The Village is the perfect place to begin your day of Adventures!

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