🤝Introduction to Soakverse


Soakverse is a Collaborative Ecosystem that brings together web3 technologies, economic opportunities, and the collective knowledge and expertise of its community, to create value for its members, partners, and - through philanthropic activities - wider society.

What is Soakverse

Soakverse is a web3 hybrid ecosystem allying multiple concepts to create a sustainable economy in a community of Collaborators & Contributors.

  • Soakverse is an action driven & incentivized community.

  • Soakverse is a community where the voice of the contributors is taken into consideration.

  • Soakverse is a Proof-of-Contribution ecosystem.

  • Soakverse is a Web3 Loyalty Program with historical traceability & transferability.

  • Soakverse is rewards for engagement.

  • Soakverse is collaboration driven where everybody has its role.

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